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Rev. Jan Sloan - Minister Emeritus

Unity Fellowship Church, now called Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center, was organized on May 17, 1999. The initial group of seventeen like-minded people began meeting in a large room at the Life Enrichment Center in Newport News. In July of that year, Jan Sloan was hired as Spiritual Leader and office clerk. In 2000, Jan was ordained as an Independent Unity Minister. She served as Minister of Unity Fellowship Church until her retirement in August 2010. She returned briefly as interim minister, assisted by Rev. Louis Purdy, in 2015 while the church searched for a permanent minister.  Unity Williamsburg Spiritual Center hosted a special 20 Year Anniversary Service in honor of Rev. Jan in May 2020. The sanctuary was filled to capacity with well wishers who shared special memories of their time in the congregation and appreciation for Rev. Jan.


Rev. Jan continues to share her gifts of spirit as a Prayer Chaplain and Platform Assistant coordinator. She holds weekly prayer meetings to lift up the intentions of our congregation and community and ensures those intensions are added to Silent Unity for 30-day continuous prayer.

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