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Thank You


Heart of Healing Unity World Day of Prayer, September 2023

A huge THANK YOU to Jane Siegel and the World Day of Prayer Committee for all their hard work. An awesome success! Thanks to Candace and Paulette for their beautiful music. We were honored to have so many community faith leaders willing to share in unity their prayers for healing. A night that opened hearts and spread the love!

Saturday, September 23rd at 11:00am - Cancelled


Fall Equinox Drumming Circle - CANCELLED

UPDATE: Due to incoming inclement weather, the drumming circle for Saturday has been cancelled. 

Sunday, September 25th at 10:30pm

"The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion"

Speaker Kalunyahawi Traveler

"Have you ever wondered what the difference is between spirituality and religion? Have you ever felt so confused by all the different religions? Have you ever felt such an amazing experience that felt so out of this world it seemed like you couldn't share it with anyone? Come Journey with me as we take a look at some of the differences between spirituality and religion, and experience how it feels to truly be connected."


Speaker Bio:

Blessings, SiStars and Brothers... Who I AM; I AM a guide through which Spirit leads the two-legged to their Soul where all the answers that they have ever needed for this Earth Journey lie within their own healing. My Ancestors are Nez Perce, Mohawk, and Cherokee. I AM a mixed white (Rainbow Child) Woman. 


What I do; I AM a Traditional Native Guide to Spirit. Spirit works through me in many different ways. I AM a Seer which is an ancient term for one who sees and speaks to Spirits. I also share Spirit walks which helps one connect to their own spirit through connecting to Mother Earth's Spirit and all She has to offer.


I AM a Healer but I do not heal anyone, I guide you how to heal yourself. I offer house and land blessings as well as house and land clearings. I communicate with animals in the physical and in the spirit realm. I read Sacred Path Cards, as well as animal spirit cards, and others. I offer teachings of many different types of Spirituality, Dream Interpretation, Physic Investigation, Ribbon Readings, Shadow Work, Grief Work, Single/Double Past Life Regression, How to manifest your mate work, and Couple/Family Spiritual Counseling, and much more... One of the gifts that I walk with is to meet anyone where they are at no matter their religious and/or Spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. Many people ask me if, “I Believe in Jesus?" and my response is always "I do not believe in Jesus. I know Yahawahshi!, (Hebrew for Christ). I AM also a writer and singer. I AM of Love, light and peace. 


In the words of Nahko Bear, "I am no master I know nothing, but I AM a servant and I know something." Welcome to my soul's purpose and my life's calling. If you, your family, friends and/or community have a need that I may be able to help with please share with them. If you live out of the area I can work over the phone. If you're interested in setting up a session please text/call me at 948-203-3357 or email me at Aquene (Native for Peace).

Sunday, October 8th at 12:30pm


Sound, Alchemy & Your Divine Blueprint with Joshua Inacio

Our Universe is built from resonance, and or us as humans, vibration is an aspect of every breathing moment. When we apply ourselves through conscious use of sound, the effects are tryuly transformative and can be felt for days.

Tuesday, October 17th  at 7:00pm


The Sound of Soul

You are invited to experience the transforming power of HU.  Singing HU can bring healing for body, mind and spirit, and align Soul with higher states of love, wisom and awareness. 

Sunday 10:30am Service Guest Speaker Schedule

October 1 ~ Brana Mijatovic

October 8 ~ Joshua Inacio

October 15 ~ Carylanne Steinberg
October 22 ~ Reverend Boyd

October 29 ~ Virginia Roll
November 5 ~ Donna Drozda
November 12 ~ Michael George
November 19 ~ Tierra Key
November 26 ~ Carylanne Steinberg
December 3 ~ Virginia Roll

December 10 ~ Donna Drozda

December 17 ~ Kathy Eckart

December 23 - Christmas Eve Eve Service

December 31 - Kalunyahawi Traveler (Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony)

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