Amazon – Smile Fundraiser:

There is now a program called “Amazon Smile” which rebates .5% of any sales made on this site to a nonprofit organization of your choice.
The price of anything you may order will not increase. This is a wonderful way to bring additional monies into our church on items you would probably order anyway. Please consider using this site for all future Amazon sales. Here are the procedures to be followed:

  1. Go to web site “”/ch/54-1944223
  2. Proceed as normal to order materials and Unity Fellowship will eventually get the .5% percentage credited to our account.

Thank you so much for participating. Every dollar helps us to carry out our mission.
Bob Osmon, Treasurer

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We joyfully live in an enlightened world united in love, peace, and respect for all creation.

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We are a heart-centered community inspiring spiritual growth by living consciously, aware of our innate divinity and the oneness of all

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