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Transition and Transformation

One of my favorite movies growing up was "The Sound of Music". The scene I replay in my mind during times of change and transition is when Maria begins her solemn journey from the spiritual safety of the Abbey out into the world. She stops in front of a large wooden crucifix and says, "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window." When the door that closes is to what we have come to know as familiar and "safe", it can be unsettling. We are suddenly challenged to move out of our comfort zone and embrace exploration and growth.

Such has been our time at Unity Williamsburg following the retirement of our beloved minister in August 2023. The leadership team was challenged to walk the walk of faith in Divine Order and Time, knowing that all is and would continue to be well. The congregation's openness was tested with talks from a variety of guest speakers weekly. We all realized the heavy load of the checklist of "To Do's" needed to keep Unity Williamsburg running. We were all pretty nervous - but there was an excitement in the possibilities that lay ahead.

Now, 5 months on, we have an engaged congregation with a shared vision of working together to maintain this spiritual community that we love. People jump in to help wherever they can when needs arise and we work as a team - a spiritual family - to keep forward momentum. When new speakers come in and new people visit us on Sundays for service, we frequently hear them say how warm and inviting the space feels - filled with the loving energy of our congregation.

YES! We hold a vision of our next spiritual leader with open hearts and minds. AND we continue our spiritual journey together in this time of transition, excited in the transformative growth occurring in our community and enjoying the views and fresh air from these opened windows.

Love and Light,

Amy Shao (Board President, UWSC)

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