This past Sunday, Rev. Edward Rose of the Straightgate Temple Church honored the congregation of Unity Fellowship by being our guest speaker. Rev. Rose was the man back in 2001 that built the building which now is the home of Unity Fellowship at 624 Queen’s Creek Road. After reminiscing about his memories of creating the building, he gave us a very stirring and emotional message on moving forward continuing God’s work. Several ladies from his original church were present as well. Unity Fellowship holds its services at 1030 each Sunday morning. The public is invited.

The Edge Hill Jammers playing gospel musice for Sunday service.

Dave Trezak performing Indian Prayer on drum. June 2017 “The World Through Indian Eyes”

Dave and Vicky Trezak performing at our potluck picnic service at Newport News Park.

Ladies Lunch Bunch celebrating Rev. Jan Sloan’s birthday at 2nd. Street Restaurant in Williamsburg.

John Steinbach May 14, 2017 gave a wonderful talk about, you have to love and put yourself first. We don’t usually think about putting ourselves first and it is something we all need to start doing and believing in ourselves.

On Sunday 15 January, Rev. Denise Creech of the Tidewater Unity Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia was the guest speaker at Unity fellowship Church of Williamsburg. Her talk, “I fought the law and the Law won” spoke to the universal law of the universe that what you hold in your mind will manifest in your life. It was a wonderful message for all of us to consider as we start the new year. Services are at 1030 and all are welcome.

On Sunday 13 November Unity Fellowship Church had as its guest speaker Mr. Eddie Oliver. He is a member of Renaissance Unity Church in Chesapeake and has served that congregation in many capacities including President and Chaplain. His topic was “Stop, Look, and Listen”, a message that all of us can use from time to time: recenter ones self and ask what good will come out of any action one is about to take. Later that day Mr. Oliver held a workshop for those interested in his further teachings. Services are held at 10:30 at 624 Queen’s Creek Road.

On Sunday 9 October, Rev. Thelma Smith was the guest speaker at Unity Fellowship Church. She is an ordained minister in the “Science of Mind” movement and gave a wonderful talk regarding the total belief in Christ and the subsequent morals that entails. Her husband, Rev. Dwight Smith accompanied her and gave us the mediation. Together they run the Spiritual Mind Center in Richmond. Unity Fellowship is located at 624 Queens Creek Road and services are at 1030 Sunday morning. All are welcome.
Photo: Rev. Thelma Smith

On Sunday 14 August, Unity Fellowship Church was blessed to have Dale Hoffman, a renowned Aramaic scholar and tonal healer as its guest speaker. His theme was “The Still Point in a Moving World” pointing out how we can all find peace in the chaos of today’s world. Dale’s meditation for all of the congregation included the use of the “Singing Bowl” to get everyone into a deep thought process. We hope to have him back again later this year.Photo: Dale Hoffman with his “Singing Bowl” setting the atmosphere for the congregational meditation.

On Sunday, 24 July, the guest speaker was Ms. Peggy Hughes, an energy clearing specialist who performed a clearing ceremony for the church. Her talk was entitled “Out with the Old: In with the New.” She used several techniques including essential oils, chimes, and a resonating bowl to accomplish this clearing. Her web site is for those people interested in having their own home cleared. Unity Fellowship is located at 624 Queen’s Creek Road, Williamsburg. Services start at 1030. The public is invited.

On Sunday 17 July, the guest speaker at Unity Fellowship Church was
Mr. Nadere Johnson. He is the President and founder of Operational
International Gift of Knowledge. Mr. Johnson recently returned from the
country of Uganda where his organization supports 20 orphans with
education, food, clothes, and medical attention. He gave a wonderful
slide show to the congregation showing the excellent progress that OIGOK
has made in the lives of these 20 children. Unity Fellowship is located
at 624 Queen’s Creek Road , Williamsburg. Services are at 10:30 AM and
all are invited to attend.

Photo 1 – Alex Clarke and Buck Rogers of the Edgehill Jammers.

On Sunday, 5 June, Unity Fellowship of Williamsburg held it’s annual “Service in the Park” in Newport News Park. This has been a long time tradition which many members seem to enjoy. We were led in some old traditional songs like “This is my Father’s World” and “How Great Thou Art” by two members of the Edgehill Jammers, Alex Clarke and Buck Rogers. After the service a wonderful meal of fried chicken and delicious salads were served along with some mouth watering desserts. The camaraderie was greatly enjoyed by all. Unity Fellowship is located at 624 Queen’s Creek Road with services commencing at 10:30 AM. The public is always invited to attend.Photo 2 – Members of Unity Fellowship enjoying the post service meal.

On Sunday 1 January, 2017, Unity Fellowship Church conducted a Burning Bowl Ceremony at the church. Members of the church wrote on a small piece of paper the problems or ills or thoughts they wanted to release from 2016 as they entered the new year. They then burned the piece of paper as a symbols way of cleansing their minds of thoughts no longer desired. Photo: Mary Boswell watches as her concerns of 2016 burst into flame as a symbol of leaving them behind in 2017.

Unity Fellowship Church has been along time supporter of LINK, an organization to feed and clothe the homeless in the Peninsula area. This year is no exception as the congregation has generously donated many clothing and food items which will be turned over to LINK. Those church members leading this effort are from L-R: Rev. Jan Sloan, Roxanne Burnette, Sharon Calano, Roddy and Judy Bryan. Unity Fellowship is located at 624 Queens Creek Drive. Services start at 10:30. All are welcome.

Four of the 11 baskets for the raffle drawing March 26, 2017

The other 5 baskets for the raffle drawing March 26, 2017

Rev. Louis Purdey