Ministers Message

A person’s life can be different in any moment
that person chooses to change their choices.

When we are too busy to pay attention,
we are choosing ignorance.

Practice . . . *
If you desire to call yourself a tennis player,
You can borrow a racquet and a few balls
And go out and hit the balls with the racquet.

If you desire to play tennis, you buy a racquet,
Take some lessons and play when you have time.

If you desire to play tennis well, you find a teacher,
you take lessons, you practice and play regularly.

If you desire to be a master tennis player,
You find a teacher; absorb every bit of guidance,
You practice every possible moment and your entire
life is devoted to training.
Our live are as they are
Because we choose them.
We want to say, “Oh but I don’t have time to pay attention,”
“I’m to busy to be aware.”  That’s ok.  It’s just good to know who is making the decisions.
Your life is not beyond you.

*and remember, only practice when you want to,
not because you “should”

from “The Key” by Cheri Huber . . . .Rev Paul